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1 minute to choose

1 Minute to Choose “Ramen” Restaurant in Tokyo

There are many “Ramen” restaurants in Tokyo.
It’s not worth spending too much time in choosing which restaurant to go.
Therefore, I summarize the travel guide so that it may be helpful to you for choosing which “Ramen” restaurant to go in 1 minute.

In order to help you choose in 1 minute, I classify the types into the following contents.
So, please choose which restaurants to go based on the contents.

The Nearby “Ramen” Restaurant in Tokyo

I add all Tokyo “Rame” restaurant recommended by travel guides on one map.
So then, enjoy the nearby “Ramen” restaurant in Tokyo.

By clicking “www”, you can open Tabelog* site in English.

* Tabelog is one of the largest store database all over Japan. It is a reliable restaurant guide publishing word of mouth, photographs by many users who actually visited restaurants.

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The Famous “Ramen” Restaurant in Tokyo

I consider the restaurant which is recommended from many magazines is famous.
I check the number of times of recommendation in each restaurant.
The results are as follows.
So then, enjoy the famous “Ramen” restaurant in Tokyo.

Famous No.1
Restaurant Name Afuri (AFURI 恵比寿)
TEL 03-5795-0750(+81-3-5795-0750)
Budget Dinner: ~¥999 Lunch: ~¥999
Travel guides : Titles The restaurant is recommended by following Travel guides
【Savorjapan】16 Outstanding Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo that are Popular Among Locals
【HubJapan】15 Best of Best Ramen in Tokyo That Everyone Should Make a Stop
【Foursquare】The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Tokyo
Map 1-1-7EbisuShibuyaTokyo , 東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-1-7117ビル1F

The restaurants recommended by several Travel guides are as follows.

Number of recommendation Restaurantname
3 Afuri (AFURI 恵比寿)
2 chuukasobatakano (中華そば多賀野)
2 Koukaibou (こうかいぼう)
2 Usagi (うさぎ)
2 Sugoiniboshiramennagi (すごい煮干ラーメン凪 新宿ゴールデン街店本館)
2 Motenashikuroki (饗 くろ喜)
2 soranoirojapani-zusu-punu-dorufuri-sutairu (ソラノイロ Japanese soup noodle free style 本店)
2 Japanizusobanudorutsuta (Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦)

The Luxury(Expensive) “Ramen” Restaurant in Tokyo

I check the budget in each restaurant as follows.
The results are as follows.
So then, enjoy the Luxury(Expensive) “Ramen” restaurant in Tokyo.

Luxury(Expensive) No.1
Restaurant Name chuukasobasuzuran (中華そば すずらん)
Tel 03-5422-6705(+81-3-5422-6705)
Budget Dinner: ¥4,000~¥4,999
Map 1-7-12EbisuShibuyaTokyo , 東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-7-12久保ビル1F