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How to use “Tabelog” Recommending Restaurants by “Word-of-Mouth”

If you want reliability information about Japanese restaurants, you should use Tabelog.

Tabelog publishs reliable information about Japanese restaurants because the information is based on “Word-of-Mouth”.
In addition, the “Word-of-Mouth” is quantified With a number from 0 star to 5 star.
so, Tabelog helps you choose which restaurant to go.

1. Purpose of Tabelog
The main purpose of Tabelog is, by publishing comments, images and other materials posted by Users in relation to restaurants (information posted by Users on Tabelog is collectively referred to hereinafter as “Word-of-Mouth Information”), to enable other readers of Tabelog to use and refer to them when choosing a restaurant.

This blog introduce you how to use “Tabelog” with mobile phone.

Click “Tabelog” for the site in English.

Searching Restaurants

There is the search box at the top of the site(The picture shown is as in the case of entering Tokyo).
You can choose list or map.
I recommend map because it is easy to see the nearby restaurants. And, the color of pins indicates Word-of-Mouth Information.
By clicking the pin, You can check the details of the restaurant.

Setting Condition

By clicking the condition button, you can set more detail conditions of searching.
You can “Categories”, “Budget” and “Seats for tonight”.